Make your IoT ideas tangible

With your IoT Studio

Real devices, real results: 

Develop customized solutions that delight their customers or are tailored specifically to their own requirements.

Test your app directly on the target device until it works optimally. 

The IoT Studio provides you with a full-fledged development environment for this purpose.

We support you!

App will be done

Develop your app easily and individually from anywhere. 

Instead of professional programmers also engineers, because the IoT Studio reduces the complexity of an app development by providing standard IoT functionality. 

Or use the worldwide offer of external app developers for cost-effective implementations of previously unattainable process optimization applications.

We support you!

External consultants

IoT Studio simplifies collaboration with external consultants. They directly hand over an app in the AppStore that can be used, tested and thus accepted without further ado.

Connection to Github

Combine your preferred development workflow with our IDE.

Take advantage of GitHub to optimize the quality of your software code.

Generate revenue

Take your app to market and turn your ideas into financial success.

IoT Studio is the only one of its kind that offers an integrated billing solution specifically for developers.

Move your company forward.