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A world of possibilities

 Create your own IoT app store for your business

More success for your business

Offer your customers significant added value with premium features, personalized settings, data visualizations and create an additional revenue stream via IoT App.

More experience with your customers

Collect feedback from your customers, fix bugs, make updates and create a unique and innovative customer experience with your custom service app that appeals to your customers and sets you apart from the competition.

The private App Store

➡️ Maintain full control over access to the apps. 
Manage usage permissions to ensure that only authorized employees have access to the apps.

➡️  Use existing apps multiple times in different areas of your business. This will save you time and money.

➡️ customize your apps to meet their specific requirements and get tailored solutions that fit your company's needs exactly.

The public IoT App Store

➡️ Benefit from a world of innovative and sophisticated apps created by talented developers without having to bear the cost of custom development.

➡️ Discover the increasing variety of IoT applications and gain a competitive advantage for your business and your customers.

➡️ Reduce your development costs by bringing your own innovative IoT applications to market.

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