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One IoT Studio for all business areas

Predictive Maintenance

Implement IoT solutions to monitor machinery and equipment in factories and predict potential failures. Collect data such as vibrations, temperatures, and hours of operation to provide early warning of maintenance needs and minimize costly downtime.

Logistics and supply chain optimization

Use IoT solutions to track the location and condition of goods in transit. Capture data such as temperature, humidity, and shock to ensure product safety and quality and make supply chains more efficient.

Vehicle monitoring and management

Monitor the condition and performance of your vehicle fleet in real time. Collect data such as mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance needs and location of your vehicles. Manage routes, schedule maintenance, and improve fleet efficiency.

Monitoring and security

Use IoT sensors and cameras to monitor and protect your home, office or business from burglary, fire or other threats. Get instant notifications to your mobile device and access live video feeds and security alerts from anywhere.

Smart energy management solutions

Monitor and optimize energy consumption in residential and commercial properties. Use IoT technology to analyze power consumption patterns, identify energy waste, and make automatic adjustments to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Industrial automation

Monitor and control industrial processes and machines with an IoT application that collects sensor data, production data and operating parameters. Improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize product quality by remotely monitoring and controlling your industrial assets.

Environmental monitoring and protection

Use IoT sensors to monitor environmental parameters such as air quality, noise pollution, and water quality. Collect real-time data, analyze trends, and take action to improve environmental quality and protect natural resources.

Building management and energy efficiency

Monitor and control the various systems in a building, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting, to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. Use IoT sensors to collect real-time data on room temperatures, air quality, and occupancy and make automatic adjustments.

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