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🌟 How do I get an app for my specific application?

The choice is yours:

Internal staff: if you have your own internal development team, having your own staff develop the apps can be advantageous. Internal development offers the opportunity to fully control development resources and react quickly to changes.

External consultants: External experts often bring specific know-how and experience, especially when it comes to IoT development. They can bring a fresh and objective perspective to your project and offer innovative approaches to solutions.

Our role: Regardless of your decision, we are at your side as a partner. If you prefer external consultants, we have a network of quality experts who are ready to fulfill your requirements. We can help you choose the right consultants and ensure you get the best possible support.

Develop apps from anywhere. Directly on the real application. Instead of professional programmers, even engineers, because the IoT Studio reduces the complexity of app development. Take advantage of the worldwide supply of talented, external app developers for cost-effective implementation of previously unattainable process optimization applications.

🌟 Do you offer a lightweight IoT stack that runs on ARM Cortex-M, is battery-optimized and in addition to transmitting sensor data, can also handle the other direction, i.e. device configuration?

ARM Cortex-M: Basically, our system runs on components of size pi-zero and slightly smaller. Any LinuxOS can be used (also on armv6).

Lightweight: Our agent binary that runs on the device has a memory footprint of only about 20MB and runs CPU efficiently. However, a docker runtime is also required on the device if you want to install functionality in the form of docker images (=apps).

Battery-optimized: The agent requires only minimal resources on the system. However, a Linux / Docker system usually cannot keep up with embedded systems in terms of power consumption.

Communication: The agent enables both directions. Extraction of sensor data and device configuration. (We use the WAMP protocol)

we are characterized above all by the following points:

  • Particularly simple UX, which can also be used by non-(programmers/DevOps).
  • Integrated cloud development environment specialized in edge development.
  • Only existing fully integrated industrial AppStore with third-party access 
    (enables upselling of digital services to your clients)
  • Automatic separate data storage for your clients incl. dashboarding per client. 
    (Would have to be shown)

🌟 Actually, we have a recent demand about diesel consumption. We work with a bunch of different wheel loader manufacturers and are looking for a simple solution to measure our spending. Hope you can provide a practical and affordable solution. Thanks

We can provide a fleet solution for this task based on the IoT Studio. For this two main ingredients are required:

Hardware: A small industrial PC would need to be installed into the vehicle and connected to the OBD port of the vehicle. There are standard components for such a device, depending on environmental requirements (e.g. water and shock resistance, CPU power for advanced functionality). The devices would be registered with the IoT Studio. Every aspect of the hardware can then be managed by the fleet owner remotely through the platform.

Software: There is a ready made App for OBD reading that can be remotely deployed to the devices. The App would read the fuel consumption data and collect it in a cloud data store per fleet. The app comes with a dashboard showing the aggregated data of the fleet. Additionally users can always create custom dashboards on all of the collected data with the integrated dashboard builder.

The charm with this solution is that additional functionality can be deployed step by step (e.g. GPS tracking, Weather conditions, Computer Vision AI solutions, ...) just by adding additional apps.

🌟 What fees are associated with using the IoT Studio?

Creating and managing edge devices on the IoT Studio is free of charge. You can create as many edge devices, develop apps and create dashboards as you like without incurring any fees.
There is a fee of €0.25 per Edge device per day for launching an app. The first 150 app days are free, and beyond that this amount is discountable and depends on the number of Edge devices you have.
Costs are therefore only incurred in the form of app usage days as soon as you activate an app.

For example, continuous monitoring of an application via the IoT app around the clock and a permanently activated app would incur the following costs per month: €0.25 x 30 days = €7,50. If you deactivate the app for 10 days in between, the costs are reduced by €2,50. After deducting the first 150 free app days, the fees for the first year amount to €52,50.

What's the best way to get started with IoT Studio?

First of all, get things moving for little money.

What is somehow small enough, but still valuable in terms of results for you? 

Find an IoT speedboat project where you can 

  • produce tangible results, 
  • have hardly any uncertainties, 
  • cannot miscalculate 

New technologies are bringing about change in the business world. If you want to be part of this without investing in your own staff, please contact me.

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